6 Cabin Bags That Are Perfect For Your Next Trip

6 Cabin Bags That Are Perfect For Your Next Trip

We have successfully survived the pandemic and as the world is opening up, we love to go out and enjoy the beauty of travelling. Travelling is the essence of life and nourishes our soul. If there is something that perfectly signifies travel, it is a bag! A bag that fits in the flight cabin and becomes your companion for a journey of fun and memories. It can be tough to select a companion, especially if there are a truckload of options and a bucket full of confusion. But fret not as we have curated a list of cabin bags for you.

1. Samsonite Cosmolite 55cm Spinner Cabin Case

Samsonite Cabin Bags

When it comes to cabin bags, Samsonite is the king. This stellar and durable bag is the best option for frequent travellers. It is the perfect cabin bag as it is sturdy, scratch-resistant, and super spacious. If you want something that is a perfect mix of utility and durability, you can pick this Samsonite Cosmolite without any second thought. You would never be disappointed with the ease and the comfort that this bag gives.


  • 4 wheel manoeuvring
  • Spacious
  • Smart looks
  • Lightweight

Pros: Portable, durable and 4 wheels

Cons: The handle is poorly designed

2. Rockland Melbourne Hardside
Rockland Melbourne Hardside Cabin Bags

If you are looking for a cute and gorgeous bag that would give you a relaxing feel as well as add colours to your life, Rockland Melbourne’s hard side is tailor-made for you. You can extend this bag and roam around with ease with its 4 multidirectional wheels. It is available in a variety of colours and it is surely going to please you.


  • Multi-directional wheels
  • Extendable
  • Lightweight

Pros: Cute looks, durable

Cons: Only suitable for short trips

3. Samsonite Omni PC

Samsonite Omni PC Cabin Bags

Samsonite rules the baggage industry and no wonder that another bag of it makes it to the list. The Omni PC hard side offering from Samsonite is a beautiful and sturdy bag that impresses with its sleek design and stellar looks. You would be amazed by the capacity and the durability for sure. This is indeed one of the best cabin bags.


  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Micro diamond polycarbonate
  • Side-mounted locks
  • Multidirectional big wheels

Pros: Book opening case, expandable, impressive design

Cons: Only for short trips

4. Amazon Basics 21-Inch Hardside Spinner

Amazon Basics Cabin Bags

Amazon’s Hardside Spinner is a bag that would awe you with its elegance and utility. It is a nice and cool bag with an ample amount of normal features and just the right things to make it a sweet deal. Amazon’s perfect customer service also adds the cherry on the cake.


  • Extra hard ABS shell
  • 4 multidirectional wheels
  • Sturdy

Pros: Expandable, well-organized compartments

Cons: Boring design

5. American Tourister Cruze ABS 55 cms

American Tourister

If you are looking for a bag that is unique in design and grabs the eyeballs, Cruze is your perfect cabin bag. It is a nice and sturdy offering from American Tourister that is well made as well as attractive. It has all the necessary features and the essentials that would make sure that you travel nicely.


  • 4 multi-directional wheels
  • 42 litres capacity
  • ABS casing

Pros: Unique design, 3-year international warranty

Cons: No laptop compatibility

6. Safari Thorium Sharp Anti Scratch

Safari Thorium

Sometimes, we need utility and usability in the products more than anything else. This offering is the best option for the ones that are looking from the utilitarian view. It is a simple yet elegant design that has a lot of features and it is surely going to do the job well and even exceed expectations.


  • Polycarbonate material
  • 5-year warranty
  • 4 multidirectional wheels

Pros: Sturdy, classic design, no-nonsense utility approach

Cons: Polycarbonate material, laptop incompatible

Thus, this is the list of the best cabin bags that would make your trip better and give you a nice and easy feeling about the trip. Here is a small step to creating memories of a lifetime!

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