5 Tips to Buy The Perfect Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is getting popular among travelers due to many reasons. This has also resulted in a lot of insurance companies offering travel insurance which in turn has left people confused. If you are also thinking about how to compare travel insurance or looking out for some tips to choose the perfect travel insurance online, keep reading.

1. Check the cover & the cost

Every travel insurance has many slabs. The most basic ones will offer you a cover of $50,000. This is the minimum cover required in almost all the visas around the world. There are travel insurances offering covers worth $2,50,000 & $5,00,000 as well.

Even if you want to buy just the basic cover, compare the costs of all the plans. The difference in their costs will be a couple of hundred rupees but insurance with higher cover will make your life easier.

Also, take the travel insurance at least a week longer than your trip. This will help you if there are any delays due to any emergency during your trip.

2. Check for additional covers

Travel insurance is not only about the basic health cover. It covers many other things which can help you in separate situations. Travel insurance mostly covers loss of passport, bounced hotel bookings, missed flight connections, loss of baggage & many other things. These covers are important & you should go through every word in your insurance.

Our travel insurance also insured the rental car during our trip. For the 5 days of car rental, we didn’t have to buy separate insurance from them which resulted in the savings of $125. Keep your itinerary handy & then look for travel insurance.

3. Look out for specific activities

If you are into adventure sports like us, travel insurance is must. There are some insurance companies like Digit Insurance, which cover adventure sports in the same travel insurance but there are many companies that have a separate plan for adventure sports. Always go for the inclusive plan as it makes life easier.

If you have any doubts, talk to the expert about the travel insurance & be clear about the inclusion of your adventure activities in it. Buy the insurance only when you are 100% clear about it.

4. Compare online reviews

Online reviews by real users are very important while choosing the perfect travel insurance. There are many websites & travel forums where people discuss all the aspects of traveling. One of the most important topics is travel insurance. Spend time reading the reviews of all the insurance companies eligible to provide travel insurance. You can also interact with other users & ask them about their personal experience with a particular company.

5. Read the fine print

Everything on the travel insurance is written very clearly & it is important to read every word. The most important part of the travel insurance is written in extremely small fonts & it is essential for you to go through it. They call it fine print for a reason. This is a make-or-break deal for any travel insurance.

If you feel their exceptions are too harsh, drop it. If you feel their inclusions & exclusions are well within limits, go forward with the travel insurance. Do not leave the work of buying travel insurance on someone else. Invest some time in choosing the perfect travel insurance before your trip to avoid any major financial burden during the travels.

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