5 Tips To Enjoy Your Travel Better

5 Tips To Enjoy Your Travel Better

Traveler or tourist, we come across many biases and presumptions as we set to travel. While the situation is not always in our control, here are 5 tips you must follow to make the most of your travel experience:

1. Be Polite and talk to fellow travelers

Be Polite and talk to fellow travelers

Photograph by Dave Bartruff, Corbis

Travel is less about the destination and more about the journey. While reading a book, watching a movie, listening to music or fidgeting with your phone can be great fun, there’s a world full of stories outside and a whole lot of people who carry these stories to you.

Trust me when I say, you’ll learn more and gain more help from people than any Google or Siri can ever help you with! But, pick wisely while you interact.


2. Preserve the tourist properties

Preserve the tourist properties

No one needs to know that Rahul Loves Tina or Suraj and Govind are BFF’s forever! If the Taj Mahal was built in the memory of Mumtaz Mahal and India Gate was built as a war memorial for the martyrs, that’s all one needs to know!

You don’t have to go scribbling or putting your body wastes on the beautiful walls of these historical monuments! Preserve tourist properties so that more people can continue to go see them over the years!

3. Look out of your screens

Look out of your screens

You cannot admire what you’re out to see unless you put those screens aside and see the world with your naked eyes. It can be handy to use the Google maps, but try ditching those for local paper maps. We all want to capture those picture perfect postcard moments. But you’ll never enjoy the scene better than the view from your naked eyes. It’s important to stay connected, but drop those instant messengers and heap load of apps, opt for connecting with the people around you!

4. Stop being ‘SELFIE-SH

Stop being ‘SELFIE-SH’

It’s highly disturbing and cringe-worthy to read about all the lives lost in this silly mania of selfies. On more than multiple occasions, human lives have been lost in the attempt of capturing the thrilling moments with a selfie/groupfie. If that wasn’t a lesson enough, human kind totally lost their sanity and over did this selfish trend. It’s painful to read of the dolphin and the seagull dying to fulfill your craze for the ‘coolest selfies’. Seriously, it’s NO COOL; ONLY SELFISH!

THIS NEEDS TO STOP! You’re not capturing the moment; you’re sacrificing someone’s life for a craze so stupid.

That too for what? A few likes for validation from strangers on social media?




Traveler or tourist, it all zeroes down to being responsible while you travel. Take care of yourself and your belongings on your trip. Be sensitive towards people, places, animal, all alike. Be considerate about the norms and culture of the place. Be responsible towards everything you see, you visit. That’s one of the best you can give back to your destination. That’s the best you can give to those who will travel to explore in future!

The little that you give back to the journey adds a lot while you make way for your destination. A little responsibility, a lot more sensitivity, some consideration for the surroundings and the people will enrich the experience that you and your fellow travels take away!

Be a proud traveler! Don’t bring shame to your tribe 🙂

Happy traveling!

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I live in the movies (in my parallel world). I travel in search of stories. So I explore- experience- express my trysts with people, places, food, culture and their stories!


  1. Parampara

    Thanks Shrikant! I totally endorse that point. The places we visit must remain in the exact same condition, if not better when we leave.

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