5 Schengen Countries to Visit This Spring

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If you are planning a trip to good-old Europe, you must have stumbled upon a word called ‘Schengen’. Well, for those of you who don’t know, Schengen is an area of Europe that comprises over 26 countries. And the most amazing thing is that with a single visa you can visit all the countries that are a part of the ‘Schengen States’. Now this is exciting, isn’t it?

One visa for traveling to the 26 most beautiful countries that have an array of breathtaking, exciting and unique destinations that you will ever come across! Moreover, as the spring season is here and Europe is at its best, visiting these countries should be on your bucket list.

In this article, we have written down some of the best Schengen countries you must visit during the spring season. Take a look!

1. Belgium

Known for its Victorian-era architecture and small lake towns, Belgium is a must-visit country for every traveler. The picturesque, charming and extremely quaint beauty of this country will soothe your soul. As the streets are packed with tourists during the summers, spring is the best time to visit the country.

Moreover, other than its captivating beauty and architectural wonders, Belgium is also known for its famous cuisines. So, if you are a waffle fan, you are sure to be spoilt for choices. Don’t forget trying traditional Belgian dishes on your trip to this country.

2. Finland


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Well, to visit Finland you only need one reason – the Northern lights. The sight of Aurora Borealis is something that will leave you gasping for more. In the northern part of Finland, these lights appear approximately 200 times a year.

While a visit during winters can sometimes be rough, spring is the best season when it comes to experiencing this magical moment at its best. The other attractions include Helsinki, the national parks, fishing lakes, and many others.

3. Greece

Santorini, Greece

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Greece is a place that needs no introduction. Known for its fantastic weather, 4,000-year-old history, and ambrosial food, this country must find a place in your travel bucket list. One of the more important reasons why Greece is so popular amongst tourist is its affordability. So, on your next trip to the Schengen Area do not forget to visit this cultural gem.

4. Italy

Venice Carnival 2018

Spring season is the best time to visit Italy, as the country is a bit crowded during the summers. The weather during this time is perfect as it is neither too hot nor too cold. Moreover, spring is the best time to enjoy the beauty of Venice. You will also find that the country is full of colors, life, and drool-worthy cuisines.

5. France

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When it is time for the florals to bloom, the country of France also comes to life. The wildflowers bloom peak from March to May, leaving the whole country covered in various colors. Tourists can also taste the exquisite French cuisine at its best as the fresh produce comes out during the spring season. The season during this time of the year is warm to enjoy the beaches and parks in the country.

Now that you know about the Schengen countries that you can visit during spring. The only thing left to do is to apply for a Schengen visa to visit these places. Once your visa is approved, the next step is to buy Schengen travel insurance. The insurance will come in handy if you face any unfortunate problems during your travel. Schengen travel insurance will offer many benefits like cashless hospitalization, compensation for luggage loss, trip cancellation cover, and personal accident cover. Therefore, it is imperative that you buy the Schengen travel insurance for a hassle-free trip.

‘Summing Up’

Visiting Europe in spring is like experiencing a bliss. The trip will provide you with a lifetime of beautiful memories. The food, sights, people and everything about the Schengen countries will leave you mesmerized. So, hurry up and embark on a journey that will quench the thirsty soul of the traveler inside of you.

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