5 Reasons Why You Must Use InterCity’s FlexiPass In New Zealand

5 Reasons Why You Must Use InterCity's FlexiPass In New Zealand

New Zealand is a dream destination for most of us. We ticked New Zealand off our bucket list in September 2019. On this trip, we came across so many adventures, stunning sights & experiences that we simply loved.

Everybody talks about tourist attractions, adventure sports, sightseeing tours, etc & we do that as well. But we also want to tell you about FlexiPass because traveling between cities is equally important.

We got 30 hours’ FlexiPass from Intercity’s website. Depending on your itinerary, you can buy your own FlexiPass. It starts from 10 hours to 80 hours! If that’s not enough, you can top it up as well.

InterCity’s FlexiPass is definitely an amazing tool to travel across New Zealand. We used the pass for the following routes & whatever we are writing after that, is based on these journeys.

  1. Christchurch – Picton
  2. Picton – Wellington
  3. Wellington – Rotorua
  4. Rotorua – Taupo – Rotorua
  5. Rotorua – Auckland

1. It is super-flexible

Using a FlexiPass is very simple. You buy it online & receive the voucher over an email. Download their app, put your code in it & start booking your routes. The UI of the website & of the app is very user-friendly.

In case your plan changed mid-way, you can also modify the booking as well. This flexibility is appreciated while traveling.

2. FlexiPass is cost-effective

New Zealand doesn’t have an extensive transport system like Europe or Asia, but all the transport options are superb. If you don’t want to take a road trip, you can simply get yourself a FlexiPass & roam around freely. The cost of FlexiPass is very reasonable. The amount you pay in exchange for a comfortable journey makes it totally worth it.

3. Comfortable buses

Sometimes when we think of buses, we are not in favor of it due to various reasons. InterCity’s buses are really good. In all the journeys we took, we found seats to be very comfortable. There were USB slots to charge our phones in a few buses & their staff was extremely courteous.

These things made journeys a lot more comfortable by bus. Also, they make stops in between where you can get down, drink a cup of coffee & relax for a bit. A stop like that is always welcome especially when your journey is longer than 4 hours.

4. Great support

Buying & using FlexiPass is quite easy as we read above but what if you got stuck at some point? Worry not! InterCity’s online support is amazing. You get answers to your queries within minutes. They also have a phone line for FlexiPass users which you can use.

We had to contact their support once since we couldn’t figure out a connection and they gladly helped us.

5. Day tours

FlexiPass doesn’t only help to maneuver around New Zealand, it also has many cool deals. By using extra hours on the FlexiPass, you can book tours to popular attractions like Milford Sound, Waitomo Caves, Mount Cook, Cape Reinga, etc. FlexiPass is also valid to travel between the North & South Islands of New Zealand by Interislander.

Overall, using FlexiPass while traveling in New Zealand, you will save a lot of money & have a great experience.

When you are ready to buy a FlexiPass, visit InterCity’s official page about the product & buy it directly from there: https://www.intercity.co.nz/bus-pass/flexipass-overview

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