10 Things You Need To Know Before Planning Your Spain Trip


A Spain trip is on everybody’s wish list. And why not? The diverse beauty of this country, the cultures, food, wine, and experiences are reasons enough to take this trip. Go with family, friends, girlfriends/boyfriends or simply by yourself. Explore Spain in every possible way- luxury, budget, road, train, bus, and air! Spain is worth every experience.

Here are a few things you need to know while planning your trip!



Spain is divided in different regions, each living with different customs and rules. For eg: Bull fighting races are prohibited in Barcelona (Catalunyan region) but are still a regular practice in Andalucia (Seville, Malaga)



Spain is a culturally rich country that loves celebration. There are many festivals and events round the calendar that the locals celebrate. To be a part of one of these celebrations- La Tomatina, Bull Fighting Race, Wine Festival, Flour Festival, etc plan your trip accordingly!



Monuments like Basilica of La Sagrada Familia need prior bookings due to the massive crowds. To save time, ensure you book tickets to major attractions online.



Madrid has the highest number of bars and clubs in Europe. But drinking in public is strictly prohibited.



Sale of alcohol in local shops after 10PM is strictly prohibited in Madrid, Seville.

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A rail pass is not enough to get you a seat in the Renfe trains. Prior reservation is mandatory while traveling by trains in Spain. It’s the best bet to make your reservations on the day of arrival for the rest of your Spain trip, as Weekends and holidays can be pretty packed and you might have to miss your scheduled train.


Telecom operators in Spain have some really good plans for making international calls, most cities have free wifi, and you can still opt for a minimal data pack. Make your transactions at a company-approved outlet to avoid being thugged by shopkeepers.



Yes, Seville is cheaper than Barcelona and also less crowded for adventure sports.


FC Barcelona

There are endless Art Museums across the country, Football clubs are a major high, Spanish wine with Tapas is a must, Street music is one of Spain’s finest aspect. Not to miss out, Spain breaks the symmetry and represents art with its architecture. There is something for everyone to explore in Spain. So don’t go by generic itineraries, instead research and pick points of your interest.


One of the least written aspects of Spain are the Spanish Villages that bring out a charming character with their culture, local life, customs and traditions. Definitely worth a dekko!

Don’t forget to read our guides to Madrid, Barcelona and Seville! If you still have questions, feel free to comment below.

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