10 Reasons Why Vienna Is The Classiest City In Europe

10 Reasons Why Wien / Vienna Is The Classiest City In Europe

Wien or Vienna?

Call it Wien or Vienna, it is one of the finest cities in the world. It’s imperial ways, modern structuralism and humongous history along with it’s world renowned honing of art and music has repeatedly led it to the top spot on the list of best cities.

The most notable aspect of Vienna or Wien as the locals call it is it’s ability to accommodate. It defies arguments that say you can only have one skin.


For those seeking the unsettled and wildness, Vienna unleashes it’s young & vibrant side very often. The city has some of the best Night clubs & even the beer!

On the other hand, predominantly Vienna is a calm city. It’s imperative lifestyle, vast history, palaces, cultural richness and musical and artistic roots personify the flair of the city.

Vienna is one of the classiest cities; it’s royalty. Here are 9 reasons why-

1. Music

Vienna is the World’s Music Capital.

A major part of Vienna’s cultural identity lies in it’s taste and keen participation in music. More famous musicians have lived here than any other city of the world. We’re talking Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, Schubert, Salieri.

Austria-03415 - Vienna State Opera House

While legendary names make the history of the city of music, contemporary Vienna is all about preserving it’s reputation for music and creating newer gems for the world.

Mozarthauz, Schonberg Centre, Museum of Johann Strauss Dynasty are some of the finest musical institutions in the city.

2. Mozart

Music Maestro Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg and made his career and some of the best compositions while travelling around the world. But it was in Vienna, the capital city where he began his career and created some of his best compositions.

Statue Mozart Vienna

Over a century and half later, Mozart’s music still reverberates in the nooks and corners of the city.

Sometimes also in the form of Mozart chocolate, liquor and coffee.

3. Museums

Vienna museum interior

What good is all the history, art and music if it has no place to be preserved and documented? The Austrians understand this and have ensured to careful document, preserve and avail to people each important aspect. Vienna is the home to worlds biggest art and music museums. It also has a range of interesting museums like the Sigmmung Freud museum.

4. Kaffee House Culture

For some coffee is just a beverage, for many it’s an energy booster, but for the Viennese and those of their tribe, coffee is an experience. One of the most prominent element in Vienna is it’s ‘Kaffee Haus Kultur’. In Vienna, one rarely ever goes to a coffee shop to sip on coffee. They’d rather spend time sipping coffee while losing themselves in a book or the music.

You’ll have none asking you for your order or for you to pay up. Only if more people and places began adapting the Kaffee Haus Kultur like Vienna.

Mozart Coffee

Pro Tip: Do visit the Franheuber Café, a coffee shop that was named as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This was the same café where Mozart and Beethoven first performed together. They even have a coffee named after the legends!

5. Infrastructure


Compared to the rest of Central Europe, Vienna’s quite hefty in it’s daily expenses. But the infrastructure and standard of living justify every bit of it. Refined architecture well spread transport system, public services; amenities prove Vienna’s standing on the map on par with any big city.

6. Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace

The Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna is the most visited monument all over Austria. It leads with over millions of visitors from across the globe each month. This beautiful palace gives you a detailed insight into the lives of it’s royals- Maria Theresa, Ferdinand II, Franz Joseph, Maria Anna in the eighteenth century.

The palace has a total of 1441 rooms, of which only 40 are open to the public and are enough to leave you awestruck.

This magnificent palace also has the Royal Garden, the Schoenbrunn Zoo with adorable pandas and the stunning structure- Gloriette in the same premise.

Pro Tip: There’s no view like the sun setting over this great palace!

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7. Liquor

What could be the spirit of this city? It’s not the Wine from Wien, but the Viennese Original Beer is the city’s favorite beverage. There’s craft beer and local beer flowing from taps at bars across the city! Wien is also popular for it’s night life and that’s where you can explore the wild side of this city!

8. Chocolates/Schnitzels and more

Very few metro cities have it in them to bring forth the cuisines from around the world and yet dominate the cuisine with their local preparations. One such city is Wien. There’s Goulash, Roasted Duck, Turkish Food stalls, Japanese, Korean and Indian eateries all around the city. But next to each of these restaurants is another one that serves authentic Austrian cuisine.

While many consider Goulash to be Austrian, it is no surprise with it’s history as a part of the Hungarian empire. But the winning dishes other than the Hungarian special is the Veal Schnitzels.

Wiener Schnitzel

There’s no piece of meat so perfectly cooked and prepped as this one. The Apple Struddel, pasteries and even national street food- Sausages are totally worth forgetting all your diet plans!

Don’t forget to check out liquor chocolates and just chocolate variants anywhere in this city!

9. People

Truth be told, Wien as they call has some of the most interesting people you will meet across the globe. You’ll find artists, painters, aspiring travelers, each making way to this magnetic city.

Every person you meet here will have a story that will last long with you.

Anna & Her Postcards

Polish Girl Anna’s story was the one that stayed with us. Anna wanted to travel the world and was trying to earn some money by selling handmade postcards next to the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Read Anna’s story here.

10. History

Vienna is one of the oldest European capitals, which has been a long-standing witness to history. This city represents not just the modern day Austria as it’s capital. It’s stood by as the center of three major empires in the history of Central Europe.

St. Stephen's Cathedral

This very city has been the capital of the Hapsburg Empire, the Austrian Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire and continues to keep the centre stage as the capital of Austria even today. It was awarded the status of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001.

It’s brilliant how with years of history, art, music and development Vienna keeps it’s class and remains the royalty. It’s impossible to not fall in love with Vienna!

Only when you visit here you will truly understand why Vienna or Wien will be the classiest city on your itinerary and an absolute must too!

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