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Hi! I am Parichay, earlier known as the ROFL Guy. I’ve moved on to further get lost on the internet 😉 I love to travel, I work with a travel map by my side, read about different places and cultures and have started making a living by planning trips for people at Trawhale (yes, I charge for it).

Meet Parichay

Antarctica is my dream destination and I intend to join the glorious list of people who’ve traveled all across the globe.

While I am still thinking of what life would be like living in Kiribati or Nauru, I’d love to write about my thoughts and experiences related to travel. I am fond of off-beat destinations and activities and love making my own itineraries! This is just the beginning and I look forward to making an incredible community of happy travelers!

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Awara has to be my favorite Raj Kapoor film. And my love for films is only next to my way of living! Why am I a part of Awara Diaries ? Why is this travel blog not called Wanderlust Tales or anything else?

Awara Diaries
Meet Cinemawaali

My name is Parampara and I love stories. Be it the glorious tales told in the movies or the illustrious epics that make our mythology! I love places, situations and cultures impact life to make stories. Probably also why I love travel. TBH, I am not an avid traveler but I’d love to be. There’s too much on my bucket list that I’d like to talk about and a lot more experiences from travel, culture and people that I’d like to share here!

When travelling, I’m a pretty social traveler and I love to share my travel experiences across social media (I love Snapchat & Periscope)

The spirit of Awara Diaries is not restricted to travel but the freedom to wish, want, desire and further explore, experience and express!

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