Awara Diaries: Our Story

We are assuming that you too are an AWARA if you’ve come to check our blog or even stumbled upon it.


We believe in wishful thinking, wanderlust and bucket lists. We also appreciate those who manage to strike off items from their bucket list and those who share their experiences.

Honestly, in our world, there is so much to do and so much to want. There is so much to travel and much more explore in the form of people, places and culture. It’s wonderful to be well read; it’s even better to discover outside your reading.

At Awara Diaries we promise to share our wanderlusting tales, our experiences and the world through our eyes. One of the best things about travel has to be the versatility of experiences and perspective that different people gain out of similar experiences.

Let’s tell stories, let’s share them.

Let’s be AWARA!

Come meet us first 😉

PS: Our latest trip was a 50 days Europe trip across 9 countries & 20 cities!

Countries Visited